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High Performace Homes

Integrated Design

Darren Witt, Owner, Bercum Builders, energy advisors, consultants, and others from across British Columbia discuss the importance of an integrated design process, collaboration and consulting industry professionals early in the planning process to build high performance homes.

Fort St. James

Shay Bulmer and Beau Jackson owners of Northern Homecraft Ltd. discuss the importance of working with an energy advisor and using a good mechanical design to build high performance homes. The home featured in Fort St. James is a CHBA Qualified Net Zero Ready Home and has achieved BC Energy Step Code for Part 9 Step 4.

CHBA NBC What Is A Home??

At CHBA NBC we know we are not just building houses we build homes, where families grow, where memories are made and lives are led.

It is a responsibility we take very seriously building each home with pride and always keeping in mind that to the homeowner it is much more than drywall and 2x4s.

We know that to the family it is where people come together to share a meal, where first steps are taken, where the sick come to rest, where cherished memories are made.

As a CHBA NBC builder, we take that very seriously and you can rest assured that if your home builder carries the CHBA NBC banner, your home is going to be treated with the care and respect you deserve.

In Northern BC homes are as diverse as the landscape of the area, some prefer to live in town, some prefer more privacy. And at CHBA Northern BC our builders can make sure that your new home is exactly suited to you. We live here, we raise our families here, we are Northern BC. Ranging from as far North as Fort St John out to Prince Rupert and over to McBride, going as far south as Williams Lake we are Northern BC this is our home.

Regional Considerations in High Performance Homes

Energy advisors, builders, and other industry professionals share insights on how to address regional climate and market considerations. From air-tightness to insulation, hear about the benefits of working with energy advisors and other experts to build high performance homes, no matter where you live.